Brauer NYDA Plus Head Lice Treatment 100ml - DISCONTINUED

Brauer NYDA Plus Head Lice Treatment 100ml - DISCONTINUED
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PLEASE SEE Brauer NYDA Express 50ml


NYDA Plus is proven to work with 1 application in just 1 hour. The 92% Dimethicone dual formula takes double action against all stages of head lice: killing head lice and their eggs by suffocating them. NYDA Plus 100 mL size can treat all family members and the applicator makes it easy to treat long hair or yourself.


It’s important to use NYDA Plus on dry hair.

Step 1

  • Put a centre part in the hair to be treated. Place the applicator slightly slantwise at the scalp and draw the applicator downwards carefully.

Step 2

  • Massage in until the hair is completely wet.

Step 3

  • Leave NYDA Plus in the hair for an hour to ensure all the eggs have been eradicated.

Step 4

  • After 1 hour, NYDA Plus can be washed out with your usual shampoo. Shampoo again if any product remains.


Dimethicone dual formula (92%, high and low viscous).


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