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Features and Benefits

The complete Essential Oil Blend Collection of remedies for the mind

Expert aromatherapeutic oil blends can powerfully affect the wellbeing and health of our bodies as well as our minds. Developing awareness of the scents released by these complex blends increases sensitivity and multiplies the benefits.

Each Essential Oil Blend in our Olfactory Farmacy Essential Oil Collection focuses on a different area of wellbeing. These Essential Oil Blends contain the natural power to help with any ailment from a cold, stress, anxiety, negative moods and sleeplessness.


Respire Essential Oil Blend
Upbeat Essential Oil Blend
Signature Essential Oil Blend
Serenity Essential Oil Blend
Slumber Essential Oil Blend

There are endless ways to get the most out of your Essential Oil Blends.

• For use with Skypipe™ Essential Oil Diffuser 4-5 drops p/120ml.
• To top up your Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler, unscrew your Nasalette™ Essential Oil Inhaler tube and put 2-3 drops onto the pad.
• Add 6-8 drops to your bath for a relaxing effect.
• Add a few drops to your favourite carrier oil.
• Tip a few drops onto a hanky for anytime smelling.


For every order shipped, we make a donation to a charity. You pay nothing extra.