Black Chicken Gym Time Essentials

Black Chicken Gym Time Essentials
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Features and Benefits

Skincare that works as hard as you do 

Our Gym Time Essentials Pack contains everything you need to restore, moisturise and deodorise without overloading your gym bag.

Our remedial multi-purpose Balm of Ages is like having 10 products in one, making it perfect for all kinds of post workout issues. It even doubles as hair treatment! Then there’s our hugely popular Axilla Deodorant Paste. Formulated to effectively neutralise odour without harmful chemicals or sweat blockers, our deodorant paste allows your body to expel toxins without the smelly side effect of sweating.

Axilla Deodorant Paste

Our unique blend of natural and organic ingredients target and effectively neutralise odour without harmful chemicals or sweat blockers. This means your body can continue to do what it does naturally without smelling funky.

Balm of Ages

Sea Buckthorn – Used in Chinese medicine for over 1000 years, it’s been clinically proven to improve symptoms of eczema and extreme dryness. Sea Buckthorn is high in vitamins and has anti-inflammatory benefits to help reduce swelling and redness.

Camellia Tea oil – Used for centuries by Japanese Geisha, Camellia Tea oil is lightweight and deeply penetrates to seal in moisture. It’s amazing at protecting the skin against free radical damage and can even prevent stretch marks.

Hemp Seed oil – Containing around 80% essential fatty acid, it’s one of the highest quantities found in any plant. It closely matches our bodies’ lipids and so is able to penetrate deeply. Hemp Seed oil promotes thicker hair, stronger nails and soothes eczema, psoriasis and acne

Ingredients .

Axilla Deodorant Paste – 75g

Our deodorant paste is a chemical free deodorant formulated to neutralise underarm odour and maintain that fresh feeling without inhibiting your sweat glands ability to dispel toxins.

Balm of Ages – 60g

If Mother Nature had a list of her favourite natural ingredients, you’d find them in this. Formulated to deliver 19 deeply penetrative and restorative ingredients to the skin and hair that save and seal.


Balm of Ages™ is a multi-purpose balm, which means you can apply it all over your body to heal and nourish. Just rub a small amount into your hands until it melts then apply to your skin, hair and feet. You can literally put it everywhere, just not your eyeballs, that’s never a good idea.

Applying Axilla Deodorant Paste is just like moisturising your armpits. Grab a pea sized amount with your finger and gently rub it into your armpits until it warms and dissolves. Simple!


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