BioPractica RejuvaSleep Forte 30 Capsules

BioPractica RejuvaSleep Forte 30 Capsules BioPractica RejuvaSleep Forte 30 Capsules
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Features and Benefits

RejuvaSleep Forte is specifically formulated with herbs traditionally used in herbal medicine to assist with sleep, including:

  • Californian poppy as a mild sedative and sleep aid
  • Kava to assist with restful sleep and to promote relaxation
  • Passionflower, a sleep aid (in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to stress)


Eschscholzia californica (California poppy) extract 166.67 mg 
derived from dry herb 1 g
Piper methysticum (kava kava) extract 357.14 mg
derived from dry root 2.5 g
Passiflora incarnata (passionflower) extract 90 mg
derived from dry herb top flowering 1.8 g
Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa (Jujuba) extract 500 mg
derived from dry seed 5 g
Lavender oil 20 mg

Dose and Usage

Adults - Take 1-2 tablets daily, with food in the evening, or as directed by your healthcare professional


  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional
  • Not for prolonged use
  • May harm the liver
  • Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women
  • For practitioner dispensing only
OOS while reformulating. Try Rejuvacalm to assist with sleep/GABA modulation/ wind down. Take 2-3 tablets 1-2 hours before bed. Due back in stock Nov 2020


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