Berringa Australian Super Manuka Active (Plus 400MGO) 250g

Berringa Australian Super Manuka Active (Plus 400MGO) 250g
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Sulphate Free
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Features and Benefits

All of Berringa's honey is only sourced from Australian beekeepers, guaranteeing superior quality. 

The Raw Single Filtered, Cold Extracted Eucalyptus honey is minimally processed ensuring a natural, delicious taste. 

It is also guaranteed to be Australian Certified Organic (ACO), so you can be sure of the purity.

Berringa's range of 100% Australian Manuka Honey is one of life's great 'finds'!

All Berringa Manuka Honey contains natural enzymes and antioxidants, but Berringa is also available in a range of antibacterial strengths, as measured by MGO (methylglyoxal). So there's a Berringa Manuka Honey for a range of health and wellbeing needs. 

If you haven't tasted Berringa Eucalyptus Honey, you really should give it a try! 


100% Australian Manuka Honey


For every order shipped, we make a donation to a charity. You pay nothing extra.