Audiclean Wax Remover

Audiclean Wax Remover
  • Audiclean Wax Remover
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Features and Benefits

Your ears are delicate, and while a small cotton bud may look harmless, it can do a lot of damage to the fragile tissues inside your ear. Cotton buds often push wax further into your ear, causing more of a problem.

Rather than keeping your ear clean, by using cotton buds you could damage your ear and even cause an infection. Fortunately, Audiclean offers a safer and gentler way to clean your ears at home with our range of effective products that use only naturally sourced ingredients.

Our team has developed a solution that cleans gently without damaging your ear. Audiclean products' sterile formulation of isotonic seawater is pH balanced and free of preservatives, gas propellant and ‘freeze’ effect. Naturally sourced ingredients leave ears refreshingly clean and clear.

Dose and Usage

  • The soft nozzle allows you to easily fill the ear, then leave the solution to act for 25 minutes
  • After the solution has softened the wax you can rinse your ear using warm water or Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash for better results
  • For both adults (including the elderly) and children


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