Astrix 100mg 28 Capsules

Astrix 100mg 28 Capsules
  • Astrix 100mg 28 Capsules
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Astrix 100mg is a specialised formulation of aspirin designed specifically to help keep blood platelets from sticking together. Thus Astrix will help prevent a blood clot from forming which could block an artery and therefore reduce or stop blood flow. This is especially important as we grow older, because the passageways of our arteries can become more narrow with fatty, cholesterol build-ups on the artery walls. Astrix 100mg helps keep your blood flowing freely. Each capsule has an enteric coat which means the capsule will be absorbed in the intestine rather in the stomach where it can cause stomach upset. Capsules are easier to swallow. Calendar pack makes it easier to tell which dose to take.


Take one capsule every day with at least 100ml of water. Astrix should preferably be taken at the same time of day with a meal. If one or two days are missed, skip the missed capsules and proceed to the appropriate capsule for that day. When you finish the pack commence a new pack immediately.


Each capsule contains Enteric coated Aspirin.


If you do not feel well while taking this medication consult your doctor or pharmacist. Consult a doctor before giving this medication to children or teenagers with chicken pox, influenza or fever. Asthmatics and people allergic to aspirin should not take Astrix 100. For use under medical supervision only and if you are anticipating surgery, inform your doctor or dentist you are taking Astrix 100. Do not take if blister pack is broken.



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