Amazonia Raw Multi 120g - DISCONTINUED

Amazonia Raw Multi 120g - DISCONTINUED
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This product is now available in Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Women's Multi & Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Men's Multi


So much more than just a multi, this Raw formula encompasses a full array of live ingredients needed for optimal health. Combining a full colour spectrum of essential herbs, seeds, superfoods, veggies, sprouts, spices, sea minerals, live foods, grasses, roots, chlorophyll, berries and 13 strains of Pre-Probiotics, Amazonia’s Raw Multi is the most comprehensive live formula on the market.

Live and activated superfoods
80+ raw & natural ingredients
89% of ingredients are Certified Organic
Sprouts, seeds & natural herbs
Pre-Probiotics, digestive enzymes
Free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, GMOs, nuts and anything artificial



Organic acai berry, lucuma fruit, coconut water, maca root powder, noni fruit, goji berry, baobab fruit, carrot juice, mangosteen, maqui berry, pomegranate juice powder, camu camu, elderberry, apple, grape juice, acerola juice, jerusalem artichoke, natural sea mineral complex, spirulina, chlorella, spinach, kale, aloe vera, pear protein, organic brown rice protein, phyto-biotic organic fermented blend, raw digestive enzyme blend, alfalfa grass, quinoa, amaranth, chia seed, buckwheat, barley grass, wheat grass, broccoli, astragalus, slippery elm, acacia, parsley, reishi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, kelp, rosehip, siberian ginseng, rosemary, cranberry, blueberry, green tea, grapeseed, milk thistle, cinnamon, natural apple flavour, natural berry flavour, organic vanilla, stevia leaf, himalayan crystal salt



Mix 10g (2 heaped teaspoons) daily into 300ml of water, milk, juice or smoothies


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