Abode Toilet Gel Rosemary and Mint 750 ml

Abode Toilet Gel Rosemary and Mint 750 ml
  • Abode Toilet Gel Rosemary and Mint 750 ml
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Features and Benefits

This purpose made gel took three years to perfect to ensure that the consistency of the xanthan gum was sufficient to allow adequate contact time for Rosemary & Mint essential oils to act on the toilet bowl. Cuts through nasty stains without the need to use bleach (sodium hypochlorite is a skin and lung irritant) and other nasty chemicals. It will leave your bathroom smelling like a home not a hospital!

How we differ to other Cleaning Brands

  • We use food grade ingredients (where they are available) NOT industrial grade which are often contaminated with heavy metals
  • Designed by a naturopath and formulating chemist from the ground up free from nasty chemicals like bleach or ammonia
  • Grey water and septic tank safe
  • Concentrated formulations make it more affordable than most other brands on the market
  • Australian made and owned

Apply a generous amount around the toilet bowl. Leave for one minute to allow the antibacterial action to work before using the toilet brush.


Water, alkylpolyglucosides (derived from coconut, wheat and corn), xanthan gum (food grade), citric acid (food grade), lactic acid, sodium gluconate, glycine extracts (amino acids) and Rosemary & Mint essential oil.



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