Abode Mould Control Spray 500 ml

Abode Mould Control Spray 500 ml
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Features and Benefits

Made with only naturally derived plant- and mineral-based ingredients, this Abode Mould Control Spray is a unique formulation designed to effectively clean away mould and grease while protecting the health of you and your family.

Mould thrives in areas where moisture doesn't fully dry and affects most homes from time to time. It can be responsible for many serious health issues including asthma, skin irritations and allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome and more. Abode Mould Control Spray is a safe, healthy, toxin-free and fume-free alternative to regular mould-removal products.

Made in Australia. Palm Oil-free.


Water, Hydrogen Peroxide solution, Citric Acid, Glycolic acid, Sodium Gluconate, Ethanol (Alcohol) and Alkylpolyglucoside


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